About Vantage Internet ServicesVantage Internet is an interactive agency that specializes in fusing your traditional business with online marketing and technology.

What makes us different is our fresh business perspective and our unique blend of both technical and marketing talents. This knowledge and fresh vantage point allows us to really “see” your business for what it is now and what it can be. With this we are able to uncover the most effective ways to capture your target market and develop authentic, profitable relationships with your current and potential clients.

Vantage is headquartered in Poway, California and was founded in 1997 by Doug Lewis, one of the Internets leading authority in the field of Online Strategic Management and by Holly Berkley, a recognized expert in Internet Marketing and author of three business marketing books.

Design and Programming
With more than 30 years of combined experience in creating interactive and dynamic Web sites and online marketing campaigns, our entrepreneurial programming and design teams utilize the latest technologies ensuring your technical and design goals are met.

Creative and Marketing
The Vantage creative and online marketing team steps outside of their positions as “marketers” and take on a new role as an unbiased client. They get to know your business and your brand on a more intimate level. By working directly with the Vantage design and programming team, they are able to recommend and implement creative copy-editing and design elements that will encourage a high return on your investment.

Vantage Internet combines all the best resources in online services to ensure that your online business is a success.