Vantage Internet Reputation ManagementDo you control your reputation, or do you let random online users?

What is being said about you?

What are you actively doing to improve, maintain, and publicize your reputation?

Are you building your reputation on social media networks like Facebook, Yelp and LinkedIn?

What do people see when they search for your company?  Do they see positive reviews?  Do they see Negative Reviews?

Nowadays with the Internet one unreasonable customer can damage a business that has been passed on for several generations.  How?

There are more and more websites where anyone can leave reviews.  Unfortunately, unreasonable customers, disgruntled employees, and shady competitors can leave dishonest statements.

Because of this more and more of my customers, local businesses like you, ask me to help them with reputation management which includes canning reviews posted, answering them, and collecting positive reviews from your customers, and making sure they are visible all over the internet.

Wouldn’t you agree that a clean reputation is definitely an asset to protect and broadcast?

Fortunately and unfortunately, these consumer generated reviews carry much more weight than whatever you may say on your own website.

Reputation management is essential these days.  Everyone has a mobile phone that is internet capable and check reviews before spending their money.

That’s where a reputation Management specialist come in.  We can help you protect, broadcast, and if needed repair your online reputation, get more positive reviews, and maintain a strong online presence.

If you would like more information, please contact us.