Text Marketing is the ONLY marketing tool that can INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY reach your customers – anywhere, anytime – at home, at work, or when they’re on-the-go.

SMS text messaging has a HIGHER Read-Rate than Email. And because mobile is a highly personal communications tool, it is the most effective way to involve your customers and maintain exposure for your business — better than email, radio, TV or print.

Text messages are short (160 characters or less) that can be sent in an instant, for pennies each. Statistics show that text messages are read by over 95% of recipients in the first 3 minutes of receiving them! Better yet, even if your customer does not have internet access on their phone, they can still receive your text messages.

SMS is ideal for local retailers of all types who want to promote their products or services, provide purchase incentives, increase customer loyalty and retention, or simply remind them of an upcoming appointment. Coming up with ideas to promote your business with SMS marketing is only limited by your imagination.

Because virtually every smart phone user carries their phone with them at all times, text messaging is the perfect way to alert customers to time-sensitive information, such as specials, offers, or appointment changes.

For example:

  • Automotive service companies can alert customers to their cars being ready for pickup.
  • Pharmacies can alert customers that their prescriptions are ready.
  • Doctors and dentist offices can send text messages (rather than phone calls) to remind patients of upcoming appointments.
  • Retail stores can alert customers to time-sensitive specials and blow-out sales
  • Entertainment venues can remind its patrons and fans of special event dates and ticket availability to those events.
  • School districts can alert parents to school closings, changes in schedules, exam reminders, special school events, etc.
  • Barbershops, hair salons, or massage therapists could alert their customers to a same-day morning or afternoon opening – along with a discount coupon if they call to schedule within the hour of receiving the text.

As with most internet-based services, EVERY aspect of text message campaigns can be tracked and analyzed. And by using a variety of keywords for your campaigns, your business can send only text message that are relevant to that particular list. Are you starting to see the potential for the endless ways to interact with your customers, quickly and inexpensively with text-message marketing?

Don’t get left behind while your competitors start taking advantage of the opportunities presented by SMS Text Marketing. Let our experts map our a plan that can ensure your business will succeed with Texting!

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